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  Future Opportunities

Presented by Richard Woodward at the 2015 AGM

o Opportunities: Short Term:

* Work parties to keep the Dudley No2 free from Rubbish. Monthly work parties with Hawne and Ringo along the arm, with ad hoc trips to remove any reported obstructions to navigation.

* Promote the Dudley No2 as an asset to the community:

* Walking Guide Windmill End to Hawne Basin – Issue 2.

* Visitor moorings and facilities at Hawne Basin to encourage boat traffic along the canal.

* Open Weekend

* Grant funding applications for youth project and Restoration will assist in the Trust’s work.

* Duke of Edinburgh residential course using Heritage Boats is proving positive.

o Opportunities: Medium Term:

* Promote Project for Towpath improvements along Dudley No2 from Gosty Tunnel to Hawne Basin - The next stage is to pull funding together

* Partnerships for Further Improvement Works along the Dudley No 2 - Discussions are under way with groups such as Community Pay Back for help with Towpath improvements and the Trust is exploring Lottery Funding opportunities, especially regarding the restoration beyond the stank.

o Opportunities: Long Term:

* Promote the Extension of the Dudley No2 Canal towards Leasowes Park: This will obviously require considerable funds, but the benefit of connecting the canal network to the park will boost both canal and park as visitor attractions.

* Canal and River Trust are supportive of the project.

* Factory owners have agreed to give up part of their lease.

* CRT plan to incorporate surrendered section into our lease.

*Our lease is in renewal process and we have initially been offered a 25 year lease.

o Opportunities for You to join in:

* Sub-Committee for restoration of Dudley No. 2.

* Site Management Sub-Committee

* Volunteers for Work Parties – Basin & Canal.

* Volunteers for Social Group Catering, Ideas & Talks etc.

* Volunteers for project liaison (Towpath Improvement).

* Volunteers are needed to work on the Heritage Boats, maintenance and crewing.


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